Parallel Chords (overture) WINS in Seattle

On the weekend of our fifth Anniversary, Rick and I traveled to Seattle. Parallel Chords (overture) screened at the SIFF Film Center, and the President of Women in Film Seattle nominated our film for a Cash Prize, Curator's Pick, and Emerging Director award!
I was honored to be an Emerging Director finalist, and we WON the Curator's PIck!

Back from Kansas City Film Festival

Although we are still waiting on our colorist, we have plenty of exciting things going on with our cast and crew for Parallel Chords (overture). Our editor moved to Los Angeles but returned to the midwest for a screening of his own film, "The Soloist". Hannah (our DP extraordinaire) had a feature film at KC as well (shot before Parallel). And the Missouri chapter of Film Fatales continues to circulate and connect with other film groups such as KC women in film. This month's gathering focused on the launch of a few women's projects including yes, you guessed it - Parallel Chords (overture). 

Citizen Jane Film Festival

The Citizen Jane Film Festival was a wonderful experience filled with fantastic filmaker energy. I was honored to be invited as a guest director for the festival, with our short film Farewell, which screened at the Blue Note Theater. The relationships and connections that we made here are invaluable.

Saint Louis International Film Festival

After attending the Citizen Jane Film Festival, it was time for the Saint Louis International Film Festival. Dusk, a short film that I scored and was shot by our Hannah Radcliff, screened at the Tivoli Theatre. Many producers and directors of the amazing films from CJFF were in attendance and honored. For example Katie Mustard received the Women in Film Award...