Kathy Lawton Brown interviews Catherine Dudley-Rose about the arts driven film Parallel Chords, selected for the New Filmmaker Forum / Emerging Director section of the St. Louis International Film Festival on award winning Radio Arts Foundation.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/3ocks8x84qw2m16/CatherineDudley-Rose-ParallelChords.mp3?dl=0

Radio arts STL

Parallel Chords Interview

Carmela Baranowska interviews Catherine Dudley-Rose, exploring the music driven film, Parallel Chords at its New England Premiere, http://www.wearemovingstories.com/we-are-moving-stories-films/2018/8/21/woods-hole-film-festival-parallel-chords?rq=parallel%chords

WE Are Moving Stories

Parallel Chords ~ Woods Hole 

Jay Kanzler interviews Catherine Dudley-Rose about the making of Parallel Chords, and the upcoming Cinema St. Louis Filmmaker's screening. https://soundcloud.com/550ktrs/all-access-catherine-dudley-director-of-rose-parallel-chords?in=550ktrs/sets/jaykanzler 


Parallel Chords Screening    

KSDK News Channel 5 interviews Catherine about the filming of the full length movie and shows some behind the scenes of it being shot in St. Louis, MO. 





Intersection - Women in Film


Originally aired on November 17th, 2015. Catherine was interviewed by KBIA radio in mid-Missouri as a part of their look at women in film.  http://kbia.org/post/intersection-women-film


Get The Funk Out Show

Originally Aired on November 29th 2015— Catherine was interviewed for the radio show Get The Funk Out! for 88.9 FM KUCI. "A radio show filled with stories of inspiration and change, new creative directions, and surprising twists and turns in this crazy roller coaster ride called life!" http://getthefunkoutshow.kuci.org/2015/11/joining-me-at-930am-monday-morningaward.html


Seated at the Writer's Table

Originally Aired on October28th 2015. Episode #51— Catherine was on the Podcast Seated at the Writer's Table with Phil Giangrande. 

"Writing Visually is a great tool to use when working on a script.  In this episode the Writer/Director/Producer of Parallel Chords Catherine Dudley-Rose discusses editing a feature film to a short, writing what you see, how music relates to film, writing blocking into the script, surrealism, rhythm and pacing in a script, acting out your characters to create the voice, when to use voice-over to impact a film."