Music plays an important role in both the feature film and the short. In addition to classical recordings of my father, jazz from the house band of the famous Blue Note in New York City, and alternative/folk rock from Radio City music hall performer Danielle Howle, the film is filled with unique musical artists. 

Spanning generations and styles, below is a partial list with links to many of the talented musicians featured. 

Danielle Howle

Michael Bellar / The As Is Ensemble

The 442’s

Timothy Dark

Tommy Halloran

Billie Fountain

Numerous classical pieces including the work of Ravel, Debussy, Liszt, and the Russian Symphony Orchestra’s performance of the Bruch Violin concerto pulse throughout the film. 

Musician Doubles

Our musician doubles for the film are top notch musicians who made it possible to capture the life of a renown classical concert pianist and his violinist daughter. Erin Schrieber, the St. Louis Symphony assistant concert master featured below as our wonderful violinist double. Daniel Schene, head of piano department at Webster University and a Liszt expert was our amazing pianist double for the film.