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12th Annual Kansas City Fringe Festival

Parallel Chords (Overture) will be apart of the 12 Annual Fringe Festival in Kansas City. Parallel Chords (Overture) is featured as part of the KC Women in Film & TV Showcase.

Comedy. Drama. Music. Dancing. Animation. We have it all in short films directed by members of Kansas City Women in Film & Television. Films include The Perfect Note by Michelle Davidson; Parallel Chords by Catherine Dudley-Rose; Some Days Are Bug Days by Mary C. Taylor; Jasmine by Krystal Heib; Sketches by Savannah Rodgers; and I Was a Teenage Girl Apparently by Lyn Elliot and Nina Frenkel. Plus, Theresa O’Leary hosts Movie Trip TV. Website:
KC Women in Film & Television
Musical Theatre Heritage Cinema
Show Times
July 27 - Wednesday - 6:30 pm
July 28 - Thursday - 8:30 pm
July 30 - Saturday - 3:00 pm
60 minutes
Adult Language

KC Fringe is a Missouri-based not-for-profit organization whose mission is to support artists, celebrate expression, and engage the community.

We do this by organizing the KC Fringe Festival, an annual 11-day performing and visual arts extravaganza. It straddles a thin, frayed line between mass appeal and eclectic tastes. Fringe links these two worlds together, showing that it is the bridge you take to be inspired and entertained no matter what your taste may be. Below is what you can expect to experience at Fringe.